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The cosmology offered in these videos is a summery of basic truth from the leading spiritual paths of our time. The videos are explaining and depicting non-denominational universal laws for everyone. 

My mission is to offer these videos to inspire viewers to question and explore spirituality and their own relationship to the universe. The benefits to opening to spirituality are immense. They include: 

Answers to where we come from, why we are here, and where we are going.

Freeing of the wheel of karma

Understanding and mastering the universal laws

Connecting with the Higher Powers

Increased creativity and intuition

Living with courage and purpose

Creating your own future and reality 

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Why Videos?

Some of you might wonder what or who inspired me to create the spiritual videos on www.LIFEexplained.com. The short answer is: My father - long after he was dead. 

It all began in the year 2004 when my father was dying and had only weeks or days to live. After a long and very eventful life he calmly accepted his fate, which he believed would be his final end. In other words he did not believe that there was life after death. As a soldier in WW2 he had seen a lot of deaths and he was sure that once a person has died that was the end of him. My father lost all faith in religions when he witnessed the priests blessing the guns and cannons and sending the men off to war in the name of God.

We four children took turns being by his side throughout his last days. He was totally aware of everything around him but could no longer speak. One day when it was my turn to spend my precious time with him I said: "Dad, I know you don't believe that there is life after death. But just in case you find yourself still conscious after your body has died, allow me to tell you what you might experience so that you are not totally surprised if that should happen."

And then I shared with him what might happen to the soul after the physical death. I drew this spiritual information from the many paths, sources, seminars, teachers, and insights that I had studied over the past 45 years with great passion. After I finished my father gave me a faint smile, indicating that although he had heard me he knew such crazy stuff would certainly not be waiting for him.

I had totally forgotten this episode but it came back to me in a surprising way four years later. Some of my friends were raving about a young medium who was visiting the area to promote his latest book. His name was Roland Comtois and I decided to meet him during his forthcoming book reading at our local new-age bookstore. Since it was a small place I arrived early to make sure I would get a seat. As I was settling in and closed my eyes for a short meditation somebody tapped me on my shoulder and said: "Hi I am Roland Comtois. I saw you entering the store. At the same time your father appeared and rushed up to me and urged me to speak to you. He told me that you are his son and that you explained to him what would happen when he died. At the time your father didn't believe you, but he told me that you were absolutely correct and your information had helped him tremendously to find his bearings in the spiritual world. He urged me to tell you that you must go out and tell other people about this because he sees too many souls arriving on the other side who are totally lost and confused because nobody prepared them for what to expect. Your father asks you to write books about this and inform as many people as you can."

When Roland continued sharing some other very personal matters that my father had told him I knew for sure that he really was communicating with the soul of my father. At first I felt very uncomfortable about the idea of publicly sharing my knowledge of the spiritual worlds and laws. I always thought that this was something very personal and private. I struggled with my father's request for quite some time until one day during a meditation I received the inspiration to make short videos instead of writing a book on this topic. In these videos I could use my illustrating skills and visually show how these spiritual laws and dynamics work and influence each other. Furthermore with such videos I would reach a lot of young people who are desperately searching for spiritual truth.

That is how I started www.LIFEexplained.com which features now more than 70 short videos.

I like to take this opportunity to thank the many viewers who have shared with me how these videos have helped them and brought clarity to their understanding of the spiritual laws. Your words have encouraged me to add many more videos in the years ahead.

If you wish to learn more about the sources of my spiritual understanding please check out the books on my “Recommendations” page.

My mystical background

For most of my life I have kept my personal spiritual journey private. But with the ever-increasing interest in my video series www.LIFEexplained.com I can understand why many wonder, where and how I got my detailed understanding of the spiritual reality of our existence.

It all began when I was still in my teens and got hooked on Transcendental Meditation. Although I no longer perform this specific technique it has helped me to appreciate the healing power of consistent meditation. Shortly thereafter I was introduced to the amazing work of Edgar Cayce, America’s sleeping prophet. Through his ‘readings’ and attending the weekly ‘Search for God’ classes I began to grasp the concept of past lives and that Jesus taught reincarnation. It was the beginning of my education as an aspiring mystic. During the next decades I explored many other spiritual paths and met astonishing teachers, like Byron Katie with her lifechanging technique called “the works”. Katie and I published several books together (http://www.lifeexplained.com/books). I attended numerous retreats all over the world and also gave classes and workshops on the spiritual dynamics of life at various venues and colleges. For many years my mystical comprehension has been profoundly deepened by the revelations and teachings by Gabriele. Some of her books are listed on my ‘recommendations’ page.

Over the years I have become increasingly aware of the beauty and perfection of the All-Intelligence of God as well as the ingenious and supreme simplicity of divinity. As a dedicated traveler on the path to LOVE I have now begun to share my understanding of the spiritual laws and concepts in my videos. These videos are intentionally kept short and are free of any advertising or requests for donations. I have no need to convince anybody about the truth of the material I share. Neither do I want to missionize. If you like what I have to say that is fine. And if you don’t that is fine with me, too. I sincerely respect the free will of everyone.